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Safety. Made. Simple.

Complete Safety Program Management

In today’s construction legal and OSHA compliance landscape, being safe and being compliant are equally important.

You need.

Reporting and Verification tools to easily build effective compliance and defense documentation.

But you also need.

Analytics and Training tools to verify safety activity and knowledge to keep jobsites and workers safer.

So, we created a  Safety Management Software designed to manage ALL aspects of your safety and training program.

But software and safety programs don’t run themselves.  They NEED OVERSIGHT.

So, we offer customized Consulting + Coordination + Software packages to provide turn-key safety management for a fraction of the cost of a single safety resource.

Safety. Managed. Done.


“If it wasn’t documented, it didn’t happen”.  We crafted our safety software around proven compliance and legal defense methodologies.

Our front-line court room experience is built right in, no charge.


Use Real-time safety data to make your safety program more effective.  Create “living” ongoing safety training programs with a dynamic “lessons learned” approach.

The term “pencil whipped” doesn’t apply here.


We know you can’t afford to blow your budget on safety.  Now you can be safe, compliant, and relieve the stress of legal exposure without paying the heavy cost of our market competitors.

Save money and maybe save a life in the process.

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