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Manage ALL aspects of Your Safety Program!

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If it Wasn’t Documented, it Didn’t Happen!

Real protection comes from proper documentation. Protecting your employees from safety hazards and protecting your company from OSHA citations and lawsuits are two critical functions of safety documentation.  SafetyCloud is a subscription-based software solution that enables your company to manage all aspects of its safety program. SafetyCloud allows you to identify hazards to keep your employees safe in the field, but also it gives management the necessary reporting tools to ensure all aspects of your safety program are being completed. SafetyCloud makes it easy to create and manage ALL of the essential documentation trails needed for defense.


Manage ALL aspects of Your Safety Program with SafetyCloud – Safety Management Software


“Protect your Company & Employees” Real protection comes from proper documentation.  SafetyCloud is built from the courtroom back and approved by our OSHA Legal Team.


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