SafetyCloud Version 2.0

We are excited to announce to release of SafetyCloud Web 2.0!  Along with an improved look and feel, all functionality is now highly responsive and mobile-friendly so smaller devices like smartphones are much more effective.

Main Features and Updates

  • Improved User Interface
  • Enhanced Dashboard functions including KPIs
  • Action Menu Improvements / Reorganization (see next section for details)
  • Field User / Onsite Credential Lookup Tools
  • Enhanced User Safety Logs
  • Company Management Enhancements
  • User Management Enhancements

Menu Changes and Reorganization

  • Top-Level Menus
    • Sequence Dashboard is now Administration
    • eTraining is now a separate tab (user can be given access to eTraining management and distribution via the user setup)
    • Safety Manager is now Safety Management
    • Contractor Manager is now Contractor Management
    • Guides and FAQs are now in the expanded Support tab
  • Administration Menu
    • Users is now User Management
    • Projects / Locations / Crews is now Company Management
    • Administrative Reports is now Analytics
    • Manage Credential Types is now Credential Configuration
    • Content Control is now Report Configuration

Full List of All Previous Updates

  • UI / UX Upgrade
  • Full Mobile Detection
  • Added KPI (Key Performance Indicators) to Dashboard
  • Removed completed eTraining sessions from dashboard action area
  • Updated Orientation Formatting
  • External Application Linking
  • Fixed issue with mobile device java errors
  • Fixed issue with expired credential report not showing all data
  • Streamlined Project / Crew / Asset Setup within Company Management
  • Restyled buttons / actions on various pages
  • Added Credential Look Up for field users
  • Added export to excel functionality for Safety Assessments
  • Various User Account Edit Clean-Ups
  • Added Global Username Check
  • Fixed issue where uploaded credential of certain types would not display
  • Various Edits to Top Level Menus